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Build a Foundation to Take Your Home Care Agency to the Next Level

Are you just starting your home care agency? Are you looking to level up your operational materials? Or, are you juggling multiple facets of your agency and are unsure where to start or what you need to get moving? Either way, I have you covered!

For the last eight years, I ran the #1 Home Care Agency in North America, and now I’m passionate about helping other agencies level up and achieve success like I did.

It’s time to invest in your agency and put in place processes that will help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together to make your home care agency a success by creating a solid foundation.

Let’s Start with Processes

Operations Tool Kit | $797

Running a successful home care agency requires precision, efficiency, and a deep commitment to providing top-notch care. That’s why I’m excited to share my Operations Toolkit—a comprehensive solution designed to empower home care agencies with the tools they need to streamline onboarding operations for both caregivers and clients.

The Operations Tool Kit is designed to give you the basic operations documents so you can focus on the foundation of your agency in order to grow – not creating documentation! Because, honestly, who has time for that?

  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Application
  • Employee Agreement
  • Employee Onboarding Drug Screen Consent Form
  • Employee Infection Control Policy
  • Safe Driver Policy
  • Sexual Abuse Policy
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Client Service Agreement
  • Client Assessment Form
  • Client Incident Report
  • Client Medication and Vitamin Documentation
  • Client Initial Phone Inquiry Form

Confidently take control of the operations and onboarding process for both caregivers and clients in an efficient manner.

Streamline your success today!

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Mastering Your Marketing

Home Care Mastery: A Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Agency with Strategic and Creative Marketing | $497

Home Care Mastery: A Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Agency with Strategic and Creative MarketingUnlock the secrets to achieving success in the home care industry with my comprehensive guide. Designed exclusively for ambitious home care agencies that want to thrive in a highly competitive landscape, this guide is your golden ticket to unlocking an array of strategic and creative marketing approaches that will set your agency apart from the crowd without breaking the bank.

Inside this guide, you’ll learn how to…

  • Understand Your Audience & Competitive Landscape
  • Build a Strong Online Presence
  • Successfully Implement Content Marketing for Engagement
  • Leverage Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Develop Referral Programs and Partnerships
  • Create a Client-Centric Approach
  • Implement a Work-Life Balance Initiative

With this guide, you’ll be equipped with the right tools to navigate the complex marketing world and position your agency as a leader in the industry.

Elevate your agency’s brand and reach!

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Do It All…Bundle Option

Take your home care agency to the next level.

Operations Tool Kit + Home Care Mastery: A Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Agency with Strategic and Creative Marketing


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Becky Reel, Founder Reel Home Care Consulting

Hello, I’m Becky!

Founder + Consultant & Coach

My passion for high-quality home care comes from watching my ‘Papa’ go through a tragic end-of-life experience due to neglect and poor communication during his time in a nursing home. I was exhausted by the lack of care and compassion he received during that time.

From that point on, it became my mission to be the person to create real change in home care organizations. That experience sent me headlong into taking over an existing, struggling home care agency and turning it into the #1 Home Care Agency in North America, as voted in 2022 by a leading industry organization! And, best yet, I did this with a husband and two young kids at home and still found time to grow and improve the business while savoring time with my family!

Our Process

I know you’re busy; I’ve been there. That’s why this is as simple as it gets!

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Take Your Home Care Agency to the Next Level

Uplevel Your Onboarding Operations and Master Your Marketing.