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Transform your home care agency. Work personally with Becky Reel to strengthen your results, grow your brand awareness, boost profits, and truly enjoy work-life balance!

Find the quality care you or your loved one deserves. As an experienced home care advocate, Becky will come alongside you and your family to help you navigate the home care industry so you can make a confident decision that fits you or your loved one’s needs.

Transform your Home Care Agency Find Quality Care

Get the work-life balance
you’ve always dreamed of

I was tired of having to choose between work and family, spending weekends putting out fires, or filling in for a shift that a caregiver couldn’t make. I was sick of being in reactive mode and ready to make a shift.

So I implemented new processes, set boundaries, and invested in myself and was able to take my home care business from disarray to increasing revenue 300% year over year using my 10+ years of marketing and sales experience.

But it wasn’t all about the revenue. To me, success meant that we were offering high-quality care in a safe, inviting, and compassionate environment for clients, families, and the team in a way that increased client satisfaction, reduced caregiver turnover, and improved work-life balance.

For the last eight years I ran the #1 Home Care Agency in North America and now I’m passionate about helping other agencies level up and achieve success like I did.

Are You Struggling with Any of This?

  • Scheduling nightmares and caregiver call-offs
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • High caregiver turnover
  • No-show interviews
  • Balancing the needs of your clients AND your caregivers
  • Increasing your revenue at a manageable rate
  • Poor communication in all areas of your business
  • High stress and on the verge of burnout
  • Poor or no processes and systems in place
  • Having uncomfortable conversations with staff and clients?

Are any of these things in the way of creating the growth you need to scale your business and gain control? Become proactive rather than reactive. I will share my exact steps on setting boundaries, streamlining processes, and developing a plan that will take your company to the next level.

You will finally be in control of your business AND your life!

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The five pillars
of your home care business

Align your team, services, and approach to overcome challenges and strengthen your organization through my expert insight and proven processes.

There are five critical areas to a successful home care business, and with each of these pillars working together, you, your clients, and your caregivers will thrive.

Owner Development

  • Take back control of your life and your business
  • Set boundaries and clear expectations, and stick to them
  • Put policies in place to hold your staff accountable
  • Know when to outsource and when to hire
  • Hire the right people to shield you from day-to-day tasks

Caregiver Management

  • Refine and streamline your recruiting process
  • Attract and retain the right talent
  • Offer a complete and comprehensive training program
  • Create a competitive benefits package
  • Build a proactive retention and scheduling process so that you have staff on call when you need it the most

Process + Systems Development

  • Structure your processes to reduce redundancy, save time, and maximize your bottom line
  • Manage your time more effectively with industry best practices
  • Streamline your communication systems with staff, clients, and families
  • Proactively manage and automate your scheduling process to prepare for future demands
  • Optimize your hiring and onboarding processes for efficiency and productivity

Business Goal Development + Growth Potential

  • Determine your long-term goal for growth and create an actionable plan
  • Prepare your exit strategy
  • Take immediate action to streamline your processes and systems across all areas of your business
  • Position yourself in the community as a leading expert

Client Experience

  • Implement a client experience strategy to achieve gold standard satisfaction
  • Differentiate yourself with impeccable communication throughout the entire client journey
  • Learn how to match your caregiver with your clients so that they sing your praise and become your champions

Home Care Mastery: A Guide to Growing and Scaling Your Agency with Strategic and Creative Marketing

Build a Foundation to Take Your Home Care Agency to the Next Level

Are you just starting your home care agency? Are you looking to level up your operational materials? Or, are you juggling multiple facets of your agency and are unsure where to start or what you need to get moving? Either way, I have you covered!

Learn More

Kind Words

  • When I speak to Becky, I don’t feel like I’m speaking to a consultant, but rather to a close mentor who strives to do everything she can to make you succeed and thrive. She is an expert in the industry, and not only provides valuable advice and guidance, but she does so in a very genuine and caring way. She truly inspires me to succeed.
    Zoryana Yavorska
    Agency Owner
  • 100% GAME CHANGER! Totally worth it and easy to work with! Her advice made an immediate positive impact. Thank you!
    Tunde Olatunji
    New Era Home Services
  • I truly can't express in words how great Becky Reel is and how much her support has meant to me and my company. She has seen me almost in tears and has lifted me up. Becky has come up with so many out-of-the-box ideas for helping me get clients and establish myself in the marketplace, always finding ways to do it that I’m comfortable with. Her knowledge, support, and help always go above and beyond. She truly cares about her clients and is such a lovely person, making it delightful to work with her. Thank you, Becky, for everything you have done for me and my company.
    Ashley Van Den Kerkhof
    A Friend at Home, LLC
  • Sara Testimonial Photo
    Working with Becky has made my job as a hospice clinical social worker much easier. From day to day and hour to hour, patients’ needs change quickly in hospice and often challenges arise. Becky leads by example. She is always proactive in solving problems and has excellent communication skills. Above all, she truly cares for the people she works with. Thank you, Becky, for all you have given not only to our patients and their families but also to our local community.
    Hospice Social Worker
  • Genevieve Nigro
    Ingenuity, compassion, and integrity - these are the driving traits that make Becky Reel an exceptional leader. Her success is due partly to how effortlessly she has built enduring working relationships with members of her community. She approaches everything she does with a "people first" attitude, which is a key ingredient for organic growth. She has the amazing ability to foster collaboration to transform a simple idea into a well-oiled, self-sustaining operation.
    Genevieve Nigro
    On-Boarding and Employee Success Manager, For Papa's Sake Home Care
  • Gina Knight, Kastle Keeper Professional Concierge Care for Seniors
    Kastle Keeper has worked with Becky Reel on several occasions and witnessed firsthand how she went to great lengths to meet the detailed high demanding needs of our clients. Her leadership, listening skills and understanding of the client needs is the driving force behind a successful relationship in caring for her client.
    Gina Knight, President
    Kastle Keeper Professional Concierge Care for Seniors
  • Daniellah E. Salario, CDP, CSA
    Becky has been a great sounding board for me over the last 5 years. Her expertise lies in knowing best practices that lay the foundation for a strong home care business while paving the way for changes that make sense for her team, and ultimately the well-being of home care clients. Becky has shared openly with me as a competitor over coffee or a quick call. She clearly thrives on helping others succeed, and I know the home care industry is better for having Becky as a leader and pioneer!
    Daniellah E. Salario, CDP, CSA
    Assisting Hands® Home Care

Becky Reel, Founder Reel Home Care Consulting

Meet Becky Reel

Founder + Consultant

My passion for high-quality home care comes from watching my ‘Papa’ go through a tragic end-of-life experience due to neglect and poor communication during his time in a nursing home. I was exhausted by the lack of care and compassion he received during that season.

From that point on, it became my mission to be the person to create real change in home care organizations. That experience sent me headlong into taking over an existing, struggling home care agency and turning it into the #1 Home Care Agency in North America, as voted in 2022 by a leading industry organization! And, best yet, I did this with a husband and two young kids at home and still found time to grow and improve the business while savoring time with my family!

Programs that will accelerate your success

Overcome the barriers to growth and take your business to the next level with my expertise. I will challenge your daily habits and hold you accountable so that you can create the results you need to scale your business and gain control of your life!


Immersive One-on-One Consult Session

Assess where you’re at and where you need to go to create the transformation you are looking for. I will share proven strategies and habits that will allow you to lead, inspire, and thrive.

Get Started

  • Two-hour, one-on-one intensive zoom call with me
  • Mini-assessment to identify and evaluate your strengths, and areas for development and growth
  • Identify actions you can take immediately
Plan Your Success Strategy

Six-Month Program

Invest in yourself and your business. Add immense value with strategically aligned goals, elevated confidence, and streamlined processes to reduce stress and increase your profit margin.

Learn More

  • Full assessment covering each of the five business pillars
  • 12 one-hour zoom calls with me
  • Based on your assessment, deep-dive into three of the business development pillars
  • Create a growth plan with smart goals and actionable steps to create results
  • Streamline your systems and processes to reduce redundancies, save time and money, and maximize your bottom line
  • Access to me via email and text for the duration of your program

Bonus: One half-day virtual strategy session to dive even further into your struggles AND your strengths so that you can build processes and set boundaries to help you gain control and set yourself up for massive success.

The Game-Changer

Twelve-Month Program

Go ALL in! With this twelve-month program, you will dive into each core pillar of your business and become a leader in your industry. With my proven processes and your dedication, you will walk away with a renewed perspective and way of doing business.

Discover how to set healthy boundaries, implement processes, maintain work-life balance, and so much more!

Learn More

  • Full assessment covering each of the five business pillars
  • 24 one-hour zoom calls with me
  • Learn how to set boundaries and clear expectations that will allow you to take back control of your life and business
  • Implement processes to attract and retain the right people
  • Create a growth plan with smart goals and actionable steps to begin applying immediately
  • Position your brand, so you stand out in your industry
  • Streamline your systems and processes to reduce redundancies, save time and money, and maximize your bottom line
  • Access to me via email and text for the duration of your program

Bonus: One full-day in-person Strategy + Coaching Session with me. I will work one-on-one with your team members to get an inside look at how you are operating. We will optimize your team’s performance and help you build your business at a sustainable rate.

Quality Care. Exceptional Experience.

Are you searching for the right long-term home care for you or a loved one? As an experienced home care advocate, Becky Reel will come alongside you and your family to help you find the right solution and services for you and your loved one’s needs.

Are you overwhelmed by the process? With ten years of running her family’s home care agency, Becky has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help you navigate the home care industry with ease that will allow you to make a confident decision.

Becky’s Promise to You

  • Competitive Analysis – Becky will provide you with a competitive analysis of all potential options. She’ll compare types of care, prices, etc., to give you a solid foundation to start from, then helps you to narrow in on the right option for you or your loved one.
  • Your Trusted Representative – This process doesn’t have to be stressful. Becky will become your personal representative throughout the entire process. She’ll be there to ask the right questions, attend meetings, and maintain communication with the home care agency to ensure a solution that feels right for you and your family.
  • Follow Through – Becky will support you throughout the entire process. Once the right option has been found, Becky’s support doesn’t stop there. She will continually check in with the home care facility as well as you and your family, making sure needs are being met and care is being provided at a high standard.

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Break Down the Barriers to Growth & Balance

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Break Down the Barriers to Growth & Balance

Having a successful Home Care agency is about more than just the dollars coming in. It’s about streamlining your processes and automating your workflow to create work-life balance and sustainable growth in your agency.

In this FREE interactive guidebook, we’re diving into the core areas of your business, finding your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding where to go to create the growth and balance you’re looking for.

“This guidebook alone can create massive change in your home-care business! Don’t overlook this resource and download today!” – Becky Reel

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Becky Reel, Founder Reel Home Care Consulting

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